201510 UK Suhba

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File Info Size
20150528 Pre-Suhba Inshad 5.5 MB
  • Inshad sung before the lesson.
20151023 Morning Qasaid 6.4 MB
  • Qasaid sungs before the first lesson.
20151023 UK Session 1.01 20.3 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "When two matters seem confusing, then examine which of them is harder for your ego to accept and faithfully follow that one, for verily nothing weighs on the ego except that which is haq (truth)."
20151023 UK Session 1.02 16.7 MB
  • Continuation of above lesson.
20151023 UK Session 1.03 QA 2.31 MB
  • Question about the story of Ibrahim Ibn Adham. Could you clarify this "dawa al qalb" from the perspective of the Shariah?
20151023 UK Session 1.04 QA .61 MB
  • You have emphasized at length the importance of maintaining family ties. How should one act if one is invited to a family wedding where there is mixing of the genders with the opposite gender wearing close-fitting attire?
20151023 UK Session 1.05 QA .75 MB
  • I'm due to have a minor operation on my knee. Can I request dua please, and my dua is for all of us to reach Allah and enjoy His love and protection. This dua is for who have taken and will take the tariqa.
20151023 UK Session 1.06 QA 9.5 MB
  • The importance of following the shariah without compromise has been underlined repeatedly. What exactly is the Shariah? I've heard of numerous schools of opinion within say, the Hanafi School, some corners of our community trimming the beard is considered to be "fisq" and those who do the act of trimming considered "fassaq". Would this be an example of strictly acting outside the shariah?
20151023 UK Session 2.01 Juma 8.8 MB
  • Friday qutba given by Sheikh Ashraf.
20151023 UK Session 3.01 1.25 MB
  • Lesson cut short due to cell phone ringing during dars.
20151023 UK Session 4.01 Umm Sahl 21.1 MB
  • Heartfelt talk from Umm Sahl to the sister about the tariqa.
20151023 UK Session 5.01 22.2 MB
  • We reached the words of author, Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri, the topic of steadfastness, patiences, undauntedness...
20151023 UK Session 5.02 QA 1.97 MB
  • After the khalwa (this spring) I havent been able to do dhikr of Isma Al Adham for long periods, is this a lack of tawfiq? How can I increase?
20151023 UK Session 5.03 QA 3.90 MB
  • I fail to understand the following, "People/Muslims are people of La ilaha IllAllah, so treat them as awliyas" - Yet they cheat, break their trusts and are none but people of duniya - in love with wealth and its increase. Must I have sabr with these people?
20151023 UK Session 5.04 QA 1.24 MB
  • On the night of Isra wal Miraj, it is said that RasulAllah (Allah bless him and give him peace) came into the nearest proximity with Allah. I am uncertain what this means as I understand that Allah is without place, physicality, etc. Does it mean closeness in station?
20151023 UK Session 5.05 QA 1.57 MB
  • "He loves that which He made obligatory." What repercussions await the salek who misses his prayer due to extremely busy at work or any other such excuse? What does it do to the soul and spiritual progress?
20151023 UK Session 5.06 QA .356 MB
  • One of the brothers requests if you could make special dua for his father-in-law who passed away yesterday?
20151023 UK Session 5.07 QA 1.44 MB
  • May I ask how best to be in the dunya while remembering Allah Subhana wa ta'ala constantly?
20151023 UK Session 5.08 QA .392 MB
  • What is the best way to thank Allah everyday that reminds one of one's abject poverty and His limitless generosity?
20151023 UK Session 5.09 QA 1.98 MB
  • Why do we regularly recite the Fatiha in gatherings e.g. when we stretch our legs and then Fatiha is recited at the beginning/end of a gathering?
20151023 UK Session 5.10 QA 3.67 MB
  • What is your opinion on films like the Message (1977) about the life of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)?
20151023 UK Session 6.01 Pre Hadra 7.11 MB
  • Inshad sung before the hadra.
20151023 UK Session 6.02 Hadra 18.2 MB
  • Evening Hadra with the Adel Brothers.
20151024 Morning Qasaid 1 6.3 MB
  • Qasida sung before the morning lesson.
20151024 Morning Qasaid 2 2.00 MB
  • Qasida sung before the morning lesson.
20151024 Morning Qasaid 3 2.17 MB
  • Qasida sung before the morning lesson.
20151024 Morning Qasaid 4 5.00 MB
  • Qasida sung before the morning lesson.
20151024 UK Session 1.01 18.7 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "Whoever thinks it extremely unlikely that Allah will free him of his illicit desire... he has deemed Allah's almighty power to be weak."
20151024 UK Session 1.02 14.6 MB
  • Continuation of above lesson.
20151024 UK Session 1.03 QA 1.74 MB
  • What is the difference between wahdat al-wujud and wahdat al-shuhud?
20151024 UK Session 1.04 QA 3.49 MB
  • How do we find the faults within us that are still concealed (unknown to us)?
20151024 UK Session 1.05 QA 11.1 MB
  • I don't believe there has been many a sheikh living or dead who has devoted as much time and effort in learning the theory of health as you. With exercise, you have introduced new ideas almost every year. Isn't this excessive?
20151024 UK Session 2.01 QA 5.71 MB
  • What is the balance of remembering Allah Subhana wa ta'ala and the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)?
20151024 UK Session 2.02 QA 1.86 MB
  • 786, Assalam alaikum...
20151024 UK Session 2.03 QA 2.75 MB
  • When committing to a change in the nafs - a particular one, for example, eating habits - it seems every time there is a "counter attack" by the nafs. How to deal with this?
20151024 UK Session 2.04 QA 2.31 MB
  • I've heard that Allah forgives harms to other people only if that person forgives them first. Is this correct?
20151024 UK Session 2.05 QA 1.12 MB
  • If one does a good deed because they know Allah will be pleased AND they know there is some other worldly benefit, is this a problem with regards to sincerity?
20151024 UK Session 2.06 QA 3.23 MB
  • Would you recommend krill oil as a supplement over fish oil due to its better absorption qualities?
20151024 UK Session 2.07 QA .91 MB
  • Are we allowed to pray Juma in the work place?
20151024 UK Session 3.01 Sh Ashraf 25.6 MB
  • Sheikh Ashhraf reads from the book, Abad al Murideen by Imam al-Suhrawardi. Sheikh Ashraf gives excellent examples of how to practically apply these adat.
20151024 UK Session 4.01 - Public Lesson 21.7 MB
  • We reached the words of Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri, who said in his Risala, "Trust in Allah (tawaqul) consists in relying on what is in Allah's hands and giving up on what people have in their hands."
20151024 UK Session 4.02 QA .940 MB
  • How do you know that your shukr (gratitude) is accepted by Allah?
20151024 UK Session 4.03 QA 1.26 MB
  • Should we be stocking up on food/water for difficult times ahead? I have family members from other path who are doing this.
20151024 UK Session 4.04 QA 1.91 MB
  • Can one be afflicted with/or disturbed by the unseen, including in the form nightmares?
20151024 UK Session 4.05 QA 3.48 MB
  • Can you please explain the purpose of the hadra?
20151024 UK Session 4.06 QA .75 MB
  • I haven't done my awrad for over two months and I lack the energy and desire to do them. Am I still a murida?
20151024 UK Session 4.07 QA 5.80 MB
  • You said we should have convection that the madhab we follow is correct. But how is a muqallid supposed to know if his madhab is superior when he doesn't understand the proofs, etc?
20151024 UK Session 4.08 - Taking the Tariq 2.46 MB
  • Sheikh Nuh gives the tariq to some of the participants.
20151024 UK Session 5.01 Pre Hadra 3.65 MB
  • Qasaid sung with the Adel Brothers before the hadra.
20151024 UK Session 5.02 Pre Hadra 4.40 MB
  • Qasaid sung with the Adel Brothers before the hadra.
20151024 UK Session 5.03 Hadra 16.4 MB
  • Evening hadra with the Adel Brothers.
20151025 Morning Qasaid 11.6 MB
  • Qasaid sungs before the morning lesson.
20151025 UK Session 1.01 21.0 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said "Whoever does not realize the value of Allah's blessings upon him by having them will realize the value of them by losing them."
20151025 UK Session 1.02 16.6 MB
  • Continuation of above lesson. The way to Allah.
20151025 UK Session 1.03 Epitome 13.1 MB
20151025 UK Session 1.04 QA 1.15 MB
  • My question is regarding the weekly Majlis; Our majlis is normally 2 people sometimes 3 people. Often times its just me. Can I hold the majlis by myself? Can I do the Latifiyyah by myself?
20151025 UK Session 1.05 QA .61 MB
  • I say thing and think thoughts which appear outwardly to be perfectly normal. However, upon reflection there is an element of pride, which is subtle and not obvious. This is deeply troubling but I dont realize this until after the words are spoken or the thoughts have formed. What would you advise to overcome this state?
20151025 UK Session 1.06 QA 4.08 MB
  • My nephew is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with autism. Please make dua for him and his parents who are finding it difficult to look after him at some points. He doesn't speak at all , what advice can you give to the parents?
20151025 UK Session 2.01 Womens Announcement 1.07 MB
  • Book recommendation for North America and announcement for the UK majalis.
20151025 UK Session 2.02 Womens QA .344 MB
  • If you have children and you have family members and neighbors that always have the TV on all the time, should you let your children visit them?
20151025 UK Session 2.03 Womens QA .59 MB
  • Sometimes when I recite Wird al-Khas it gets so intense and gets scary so I stop or try to take myself back.
20151025 UK Session 2.04 Womens QA .83 MB
  • What is your opinion on the Quran apps that people can download onto their phones? Should we make use of them?
20151025 UK Session 2.05 Womens QA 1.46 MB
  • Is there a dua you could recommend to a person who has been diagnosed with psychotic depression?
20151025 UK Session 2.06 Womens QA .436 MB
  • How often should we visit Jordan just to have some positive influence on the children?
20151025 UK Session 2.07 Womens QA .252 MB
  • Question about latifiyyah gathering.
20151025 UK Session 2.08 Womens QA .54 MB
  • Should we been putting an emphasis on kids memorizing the Quran in this country and how to go about it?
20151025 UK Session 2.09 Womens QA .66 MB
  • In terms of ancestral diet for children of mixed backgrounds, would you suggest...
20151025 UK Session 2.10 Womens QA .12 MB
  • What should the level of interaction be with Non-Muslim relatives who are gay?
20151025 UK Session 2.11 Womens QA 1.18 MB
  • Is it wrong to seek the help of Prophet Mohammed (Allah bless him and give him peace) when reciting the salawats on him and if someone feels the prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) is with them, is he with them?
20151025 UK Session 2.12 Womens QA .52 MB
  • When someone has a calamity happening to them, they are revealed (cant make out) as having less tawqa, is that part of the punishment (calamity)?
20151025 UK Session 2.13 Womens QA .76 MB
  • What athkar or awrad can be linked together with ones spouse and children?
20151025 UK Session 2.14 Womens QA .421 MB
  • You mentioned, "If you have to see people, notice them as dust..."
20151025 UK Session 2.15 Womens QA 1.7 MB
  • How do we see the awliya in that context?
20151025 UK Session 2.16 Womens QA 1.67 MB
  • How do I empty myself of dunya whilst living in the dunya?
20151025 UK Session 3.01 Umm al-Khair 9.8 MB
  • Umm al-Khair speaks about the hadra, naqibs of the hadra, the title of the suhba, culture practices and the shariah.
20151025 UK Session 3.02 QA Umm al-Khair .350 MB
  • Questions about culture practices that come in.
20151025 UK Session 3.03 QA Umm al-Khair 2.20 MB
  • Question about the hijab.
20151025 UK Session 3.04 QA Umm al-Khair 1.0 MB
  • It's difficult to dress like you in the West.
20151025 UK Session 3.05 QA Umm al-Khair .58 MB
  • Can you wear concealer if you have dark eyes?
20151025 UK Session 3.06 QA Umm al-Khair 1.11 MB
  • Can you please clarify what constitutes a "camel hump"?
20151025 UK Session 3.07 QA Umm al-Khair 1.61 MB
  • Question about attire for professionals and school uniforms for girls. I thought it was permissible to shape your eye brows in the Hambali madhhab?
20151025 UK Session 3.08 QA Umm al-Khair .98 MB
  • Question about children distracting you in the prayer.
20151025 UK Session 3.09 QA Umm al-Khair .180 MB
  • A lot of women are wearing floral head scarfs, some are quite attractive, is this permissible?
20151025 UK Session 3.10 QA Umm al-Khair .399 MB
  • Question about covering the head.
20151025 UK Session 3.11 QA Umm al-Khair .365 MB
  • Question about women going out in windy conditions.
20151025 UK Session 3.12 QA Umm al-Khair 1.58 MB
  • Question about Umm al-Khair's hajj experience.
20151025 UK Session 3.13 QA Umm al-Khair .184 MB
  • What if you wear a sweater on top of your garment which shows the shape of your arms?
20151025 UK Session 3.14 QA Umm al-Khair .440 MB
  • Question about how much sacrifice should one make for the sake of their children.
20151025 UK Session 3.15 QA Umm al-Khair 1.16 MB
  • How do you teach teenagers in this time of fasad?
20151025 UK Session 3.16 QA Umm al-Khair 2.01 MB
  • Question about when a women becomes a nag (if she has a careless husband)?
20151025 UK Session 3.17 QA Umm al-Khair 1.19 MB
  • What do you do when extended family members feed the baby sugary things?
20151025 UK Session 3.18 QA Umm al-Khair 3.74 MB
  • Question about hijab. How to hold firm after the suhba.
20151025 UK Session 4.01 22.3 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri, the matter of gratitude.
20151025 UK Session 5.01 Latifiyyah Dhikr 6.6 MB
  • Dhikr of the Latifiyyah
20151025 UK Session 5.02 Latifiyyah 9.9 MB
  • Latifiyyah lesson from al-Mawad_al-Ghaithiyyah series.
20151025 UK Session 6.01 Songs of Presence 9.3 MB
  • Adel Brothers sing a couple qasaid from the book, Songs of Presence.
20151025 UK Session 6.02 The Zephyr 4.11 MB
  • Adel Brothers sing a couple qasaid from the book, The Zephyr
20151025 UK Session 6.03 Hadra 18.1 MB
  • Evening hadra with the Adel Brothers.
20151026 Morning Qasaid 16.5 MB
  • Qasaid sungs before the morning lesson.
20151026 UK Session 1.01 20.6 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, the wali of Allah Most High, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, he said "Do not let the blessings that come to you so overpower you that you cannot even utter the thanks that is due from you for them for verily that is a fall from your true worth. There is a secret within you by which you can thank Allah Subhana wa ta'ala for His blessings."
20151026 UK Session 1.02 14.3 MB
  • Continuation of above lesson.
20151026-Mawlid 7.3 MB
  • Mawlid with the Adel Brothers at the Birmingham Zawiya (after the suhba).
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