Getting richer is no longer making us happier—if it ever did. Depression, self-harm, and suicide are on the rise. Families are splitting up. Children are increasingly pressured and some desperately unhappy. Success and happiness are now conditioned by job status, by the cars we drive, the brands we wear and consume, the loyalty cards we are admitted into, the airlines we travel on, or the neighborhood we live in. Success is determined by our salary and what we buy with that salary. A successful marriage is defined by how much we provide for our spouse, or by how much money that spouse can leech from her husband. However much we have, we seem to want more. More wealth, more information, more food, more happiness, more possessions, and more luxury. We never seem to have enough regardless of the cost to ourselves and the world in which we reside. This desire for more things is facilitated by a sorry overstimulated, self-obsessed culture, in which our lower instincts are aroused, and the parts of our brain that help to make us civilized are diminished. The upshot is that we fight greedily over ever-decreasing resources, to feed our overstuffed, fat lives, gorging on junk infotainment, junk food, junk religion, junk aspirations, and junk loyalty to grasping corporations. The overriding message of our current culture is we do not have all we need to be satisfied. It is now time to say enough.