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20160107 Lesson 1.1 27M
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri, he said, "Sincerity (ikhlas) means forgetting to think how one will look to your fellow man by your continuously looking at Allah Subhana wa ta'ala."
20160107 Lesson 1.2 Athan 516K
  • Sheikh Nuh gives the athan for Isha prayer.
20160108 Lesson 1.1 22M
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "Don't deem His gifts to be slow in coming to you but rather deem to be slow your coming to Him, Subhana wa ta'ala"
20160108 Lesson 1.2 20M
  • Continuation of above lesson.
20160108 Lesson 1.3 QA 1.7M
  • I'm having issues making myself weep in tawba, what can I do to soften my heart?
20160108 Lesson 1.4 QA 2.2M
  • What can I do to remain heedful of my muraqaba lessons?
20160108 Lesson 1.5 QA 1.5M
  • What does it mean to be a "man" in Islam?
20160108 Lesson 1.6 QA 2.2M
  • Question about "If you serve Him, Subhana wa ta'ala, everything will serve you."
20160108 Lesson 2.1 QA 1.7M
  • I have noticed a great sense of paranoia among the Muslim community here in America... some Muslims are advocating hijra to Muslim lands, please advise if these fears are well founded?
20160108 Lesson 2.2 QA 1.2M
  • Do you also deem it necessary to strengthen relationships with the Jewish community in order to learn from their experiences here in America?
20160108 Lesson 2.3 QA 4.8M
  • How is the tariqa like the dog in the cave?
20160108 Lesson 2.4 QA 644K
  • How does one quiet the mind from constantly striving for utopia?
20160108 Lesson 3.1 Sh Ashraf 26M
  • Sheikh Ashraf summarizes the chapter of "Suhba" from Sidi Abu Najib al-Suhrawardi's book "Adab al Murideen"
20160108 Lesson 4.1 25M
  • We reached the words of the wali of Allah, Most High, Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri, the chapter of slavehood to Allah Subhana wa ta'ala.
20160108 Lesson 4.2 QA 4.2M
  • What is the best du'a a salik (one who is traveling the path to Allah Subhana ta'ala) can make?
20160109 Lesson 1.1 23M
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "There are things due to the times that elapse upon us that may be made up but that which is due to times may not be made up; for there is no time that comes except that Allah Subhana wa ta'ala has something that is due from you to Him, a new right and a command that is undisobeyable. So how can you ever fulfill what is due to another time when you haven't fulfilled the right of Allah Subhana wa ta'ala in it?"
20160109 Lesson 1.2 9.3M
  • Continuation of the above lesson.
20160109 Lesson 1.3 QA 3.2M
  • Why did God create jinn and humans to worship?
20160109 Lesson 1.4 QA 1.4M
  • How is the tawba of those special to Allah Subhana wa ta'ala different than the tawba of ordinary people?
20160109 Lesson 1.5 QA 5.1M
  • How do we best address the "wimp" syndrome?
20160109 Lesson 1.6 QA 3.1M
  • Is it OK to admit sins to someone else seeking rectification?
20160109 Lesson 1.7 QA 572K
  • What is the difference between forgetting one's works and looking at Allah and deeming our works deficient and insignificant?
20160109 Lesson 1.8 QA 2.1M
  • How does one overcome feelings of being wronged by another Muslim and therefore feels resentment towards them, specifically if the wrong was directed towards one's child?
20160109 Lesson 2.1 Epitome 7.5M
20160109 Lesson 3.1 Womens QA 597K
  • Question about spiritual states.
20160109 Lesson 3.2 Womens QA 808K
  • Question about caring for an ill husband at home or at a health care facility.
20160109 Lesson 3.3 Womens QA 4.7M
  • For someone who hasn't taken the tariq, do you have any advice on how to choose which sheikh they should follow?
20160109 Lesson 3.4 Womens QA 1.1M
  • Can you please advice us on how one can increase in one's love of the Prophet, Allah bless Him and give him peace?
20160109 Lesson 3.5 Womens QA 3.3M
  • How does one learn the actions and the intentions that are most pleasing to Allah Subhana wa ta'ala at every moment?
20160109 Lesson 4.1 (Umm al-Khayr) 30M
  • Umm al-Khayr speaks about traveling the path.
20160109 Lesson 5.1 20M
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri, the chapter of being a murid.
20160109 Lesson 5.2 5.4M
  • The upshot of above the lesson.
20160109 Lesson 5.3 - Giving the Tariq 2.6M
  • Sheikh Nuh gives the tariqa to some participants.
20160110 Lesson 1.1 24M
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "That which you have missed out on of your life is irreplaceable and that which you have attained of it is uncomperable in worth, unpriceable.
20160110 Lesson 1.2 23M
  • Continuation of above lesson. Our commentator, Abu Abad al-Rundi said, "The lifetime of a servant is the arena of his righteous works that draw him nearer to Allah, Most High, and entail a tremendous reward in the next world..."
20160110 Lesson 1.3 Athan 504K
  • Sheikh Nuh gives athan for dhuhr.
20160110 Lesson 1.4 Farewell Dua 648K
  • Dua after final salamat.
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