201604 Toronto Suhba

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20160407 Lesson 1.01 15.5 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri, in the Chapter of Dhikr (Rembering Allah Subhana wa ta'ala)...
20160407 Lesson 1.02 13.1 MB
  • Continuation of above lesson.
20160408 Lesson 1.01 26.7 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "Whenever a spiritual experience comes over one, it razes your all to human habits..."
20160408 Lesson 1.02 11.1 MB
  • Continuation of above lesson.
20160408 Lesson 1.03 QA 1.6 MB
  • What can we do to make the talking mind stop talking especially during the Dhikr of the Supreme Name?
20160408 Lesson 2.01 24 MB
  • Continuation of Sidi Abu Qasim al-Qushayri discussion of the means and ends of the Remembrance of Allah Subhana wa ta'ala.
20160408 Lesson 2.02 QA 946 KB
  • You mentioned we should avoid the distractions of the dunya. Sometimes it seems necessary to know what is happening in popular culture in order to better council our young adult children in the dunya. Is this practice of observing popular culture for this reason a waste of time or detriment to ourselves?
20160408 Lesson 2.03 QA 2.5 MB
  • I often find when I advise my close family members and they do not take my advise that I rub it into them when things dont turn out for them (ie "I told you so"). What is my sickness?
20160408 Lesson 2.04 QA 2.2 MB
  • I have never really understood the obligation of organised da'wa as it pertains to us as Muslims, let alone Sufis.
20160409 Lesson 1.01 23.4 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "Don't despair of a work being accepted by Allah Subhana wa ta 'ala that you don't find any sense of presence with the Divine in it for it may well happen that a work may be accepted that you at first don't notice the fruits of."
20160409 Lesson 1.02 13.1 MB
  • Continuation of above lesson.
20160409 Lesson 2.01 - Epitome 9.2 MB
20160409 Lesson 2.02 QA 1.0 MB
  • How can we practically come to know Allah as we learned in the lesson, "Know Allah and do as you wish."
20160409 Lesson 2.03 QA 940 KB
  • How can I as an housewife overcome feelings of inadequacy especially when I see some well rounded women who have careers, good children and who are busy learning the deen?
20160409 Lesson 2.04 QA 1.2 MB
  • How do we know if we are using ourselves for Allah?
20160409 Lesson 3.01 Women's QA 735 KB
  • How can we become selfless yet maintain confidence?
20160409 Lesson 3.02 Women's QA 1.0 MB
  • Is it safe to use Indian clubs during pregnancy?
20160409 Lesson 3.03 Women's QA 635 KB
  • The story of Fatima bint Ibn al-Muthanna, how can we reach her level of yaqeen?
20160409 Lesson 3.04 Women's QA 420 KB
  • Should we avoid eating meat from animals that are not raised ethically?
20160409 Lesson 3.05 Women's QA 1.1 MB
  • How frequently should we eat meat?
20160409 Lesson 3.06 Women's QA 1.3 MB
  • Question about "Deep Nutrition".
20160409 Lesson 3.07 Women's QA 1.1 MB
  • How do you love your child unconditional without spoiling them?
20160409 Lesson 3.08 Women's QA 1.4 MB
  • You said Allah doesn't need anything from us and He has given us all these miracles and blessings, what is the best (?) we can give to Him?
20160409 Lesson 3.09 Women's QA 662 KB
  • Will the "The Collapse of Parenting" be available to us?
20160409 Lesson 3.10 Women's QA 308 KB
  • How can we balance increasing in our works and having presence of Allah and having hudur in our hearts?
20160409 Lesson 3.11 Women's QA 2.5 MB
  • How does one know if they are ready to take a spiritual path and how do we know which one we should take?
20160409 Lesson 4.01 28.3 MB
  • Conclusion of the disquisition on dhikr.
20160409 Lesson 4.02 QA 1.1 MB
  • How does one nurture a good opinion of others or Allah?
20160410 Lesson 1.01 30.0 MB
  • We reached the words of our author, Sidi Ibn Ata'Illah, who said, "How should the Abidingly Real be veiled by anything when that by which He would be veiled is present..."
20160410 Lesson 1.02 18.3 MB
  • Summary of lesson...
20160410 Lesson 1.03 4.4 MB
  • The upshot...
20160410 Lesson 1.04 QA 1.1 MB
  • Question about the 5 step of mending a broken heart.
20160410 Lesson 1.05 TT 1.5 MB
  • The Sheikh give the tariqa to some individuals.
20160410 Toronto Latifiyyah 8.5 MB
  • Latifiyyah lesson from the Hikam al-Shadhiliya
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