201709 Sydney Suhba

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20170915 Sydney Lesson 1.1 22.8 MB
20170916 Sydney Lesson 2.1 23.9 MB
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20170916 Sydney Lesson 2.2 16.4 MB
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20170916 Sydney Lesson 3.1 Epitome 13.1 MB
20170916 Sydney Lesson 3.2 QA 431 KB
  • What is the du'a one should recite to ask for Ikhlaas?
20170916 Sydney Lesson 3.3 QA 3.0 MB
  • How can trapped negative emotions be released effectively without being a cause of too many negative thoughts? My talking mind talks too much about past traumas.
20170916 Sydney Lesson 3.4 QA 591 KB
  • What is your suggestion for someone who is returning to the path after a low level of engagement for a number of years?
20170916 Sydney Lesson 3.5 QA 3.4 MB
  • You mentioned never to take a believer as an enemy, how do we deal with believers who have taken us as enemies? What if they are also in the same tariqa?
20170916 Sydney Lesson 3.6 QA 3.0 MB
  • We are all in need of what you have provided in the Higher Health Qibla classes, is there any way we can access them?
20170916 Sydney Lesson 4.1 18.0 MB
20170916 Sydney Lesson 4.2 Bayah 2.9 MB
  • Some participants take the tariq from Sheikh Nuh.
20170917 Sydney Lesson 5.1 18.9 MB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 5.2 12.5 MB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 5.3 8.8 MB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 6.1 QA 353 KB
  • Assalam'alaikum, can we make du'a in our own language in the sajdah?
20170917 Sydney Lesson 6.2 QA 906 KB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 6.3 QA 885 KB
  • I find it really hard to break some bad habits, why is this the case? What is the best way to address chronic hardened habits?
20170917 Sydney Lesson 6.4 QA 627 KB
  • How should one remain present if affected by excessive thoughts and concerns about the future?
20170917 Sydney Lesson 6.5 QA 1.5 MB
  • How does self-knowledge tie in with Islam? Can you expand on the saying, "Know yourself to know your Lord?"
20170917 Sydney Lesson 6.6 QA 580 KB
  • My mother-in-law specifically asked me to convey her Salam to you and ask for your du'a. She is overseas and could not come this year. Thank you!
20170917 Sydney Lesson 6.7 QA 2.8 MB
  • I can't seem to understand what it means to experience the presence of Allah [can you please explain it].
20170917 Sydney Lesson 7.1 Womens QA 1.5 MB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 7.2 Womens QA 928 KB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 7.3 Womens QA 1.8 MB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 7.4 Womens QA 3.5 MB
  • What is the role of western education, especially for ladies following the Sufi path; is there a chance for them to become lawyers and doctors?
20170917 Sydney Lesson 7.5 Womens QA 5.7 MB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 8.1 24.8 MB
20170917 Sydney Lesson 8.2 Bayah 1.6 MB
20170918 Sydney Lesson 9.1 23.4 MB
20170918 Sydney Lesson 9.2 12.6 MB
20170918 Sydney Lesson 9.1 23.4 MB
  • ***
20170918 Sydney Lesson 9.2 12.6 MB
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20170918 Sydney Lesson 9.3 QA 7.1 MB
  • My family and in-laws have a literal interpretation of the din, and lack reverence for the scholars and the Prophet (Allah Bless him and Grant him peace). How do we engage them?
20170918 Sydney Lesson 10.1 QA 1.0 MB
  • My family and in-laws have a literal interpretation of the din... (Same Question as before)
20170918 Sydney Lesson 10.2 QA 865 KB
  • Dear Shaykh, what was the wird that Shaykh 'Abd al-Rahman gave you in your early marriage days for your financial circumstances?
20170918 Sydney Lesson 10.3 QA 2.3 MB
  • A long time ago, when I was single, I used to hear the name of Allah when I was in nature, and I haven't heard it in recent years. What is the way to get it back?
20170918 Sydney Lesson 10.4 QA 2.2 MB
  • What is your advice for those who are starting to see the unseen?
20170918 Sydney Lesson 10.5 Bayah 1.6 MB
  • Sheikh Nuh give the tariqa to some participants.
20170918 Sydney Lesson 10.6 Closing 977 KB
  • Closing remarks and dua.
20170918 Sydney Lesson 11.1 Latifiyyah 7.5 MB
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