Dala’il al-Khayrat CD

Dala'il al-Khayrat is the most celebrated manual of Blessings on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in history, and was composed by the Sufi, wali, Muslim scholar of prophetic descent, and baraka of Marrakesh Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli (d. 870/1465). Born and raised among the Gazulah Berbers of the Sus region of southern Morocco, he studied the Qur'an and traditional Islamic knowledge before travelling to Fez, where he momorized the four-volume Mudawwana of Imam Malik and met scholars of his time such as Ahmad Zarruq.  In Fez he also met Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah Amghar, who became his skeikh in the Sufi path.

    Amghar traced his spiritual lineage through only six masters to the great wali Abul Hasan al-Shadhili, and thence back to the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace).  After initiating Jazuli into the way, he placed him in a khalwa or solitary retreat where he remained for some fourteen years, and from which he emerged tremendously changed.  After a journey to the east and performing hajj, Jazuli was given permission to guide others in  the way.

    Ahmed al-Sawi relates that one day Imam Jazuli went to perform his ablutions for the prescribed prayer from a nearby well but could not find any means to draw water up.  While thus perplexed, he was seen by a young girl above who called out, "You're the one people praise so much, and you can't even get water from a well?"  So she came down and spat into the water, which rose to overflowing and spilled across the ground.  Jazuli made his ablutions, then turned to her and said, "I adjure you to tell me how you reached this rank."  She said, "By blessings upon him whom beasts followed out of love as he walked through the wilds (Allah bless him and give him peace)," whereupon Jazuli vowed to compose the work of Blessings on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) that came to be known as his Dala'il al-Khayrat or "Waymarks of Benefits."

"Jazuli's wilaya is manifest in every line of the Dala'il al-Khayrat, and among its many karamat is that whoever recites it finds a great love in his heart for the Holy Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)."

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