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The following files are available to the general public and can be downloaded WITHOUT having a subscription to

File Size
Fiqh of Minorities and the New Islam 2.5 MB
Music, Fiqh and Islam: Part1 6.7 MB
Music, Fiqh and Islam: Part2 6.7 MB
Pictures and Photographs: Part1 5.2 MB
Pictures and Photographs: Part2 7.0 MB
Normally only Plus and Premier members are able to "stream" (i.e. play immediately within the browser without having to download first) the audio files to their computers and/or mobile devices (such as iPods, iPads, iPhones and/or Android phones).
In order to stream these particular lessons, you need, at minimum, a Free subscription. If you are currently a member of, please login first to access these files.

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