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This is Jihad?: Part 1 1.3 MB
This is Jihad?: Part 2 3.5 MB
This is Jihad?: Part 3 3.4 MB
This is Jihad?: Part 4 3.6 MB
This is Jihad?: Part 5 2.5 MB
This is Jihad?: Part 6 3.1 MB
This is Jihad?: Part 7 2.7 MB
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Normally only "Premier" members are able to download the single zip files containing all the audio files of a particular suhba or series. The advantage is that all the audio files are downloaded in a single instance (instead of downloading each audio file individually).
For a limited time, VISITORS (i.e. non-members) have access to this "premier" content.

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This is Jihad (Zipped) 19.2 MB Download Now!

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